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Hello, everyone. Miss me?

It’s been…more than five years since my last confession – uh, post – and it’s been a crazy ride. I’m thrilled to see that people are still regularly visiting my blog: mostly to read about strap-on sex or see if I’m really a dominatrix offering services, which, shocker, I’m still not (anymore). But it’s nice to know that my writing is still getting around, a bit.

I decided I needed to re-open this space, as it were, because I need a place to write about kinky sex again where my Aunt Gladys can’t see it. Things have changed an awful lot in the last five years: the discourse is completely shifted, the blogosphere is all-but dead, an orange monstrousity is president, and the space for talking about these things seems to exist in a different plane than before. Not to mention that I’ve gone through some searing life changes, relationship shifts, and other things that might make a kinky lady like me bank the coals for a few years. But recently, I’ve had a bit of a reawakening.

Nonetheless, as someone who writes more publicly, works in social media, and now has extended family paying attention to what I do on the Internets, I feel the need to relegate this type of thing to a more private place. Like here, under a lovely Aughties-type blog pseudonym. So, here we are.

Which raises another question: why? Why, even now, do I feel the need to keep these types of thoughts, fantasies, stories, revelations separate from the rest of my writing life? I write honestly and openly in other places; I’ve always been out about who I am and whom I love, because doing otherwise feels disingenuous and even dangerous.

Well, in the first place: getting older has finally taught me (took long enough!) that sometimes, there are other people to protect. I may be totally comfortable with who I am and what I do, but my partner’s parents might not be – and in real life, I don’t feel any need to tell them this stuff, either. While I’ve always tried to operate from the persepctive of giving others permission to be who they are by fully and unapologetically being who I am, I also recognize that sometimes, harm can be done for which the reward isn’t high enough.

I sense a longer piece coming about being out and what that means, but not tonight.

Tonight, I just want to say I’m back. Hi.

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Friends, kinksters, countrypeople,

Tuesday Advice has been on hiatus for a bit, mainly owing to nobody sending me questions of late. It is my hope that the launch of my new site will begin to remedy that, as well as bring me new opportunities to see people who would benefit from the kind of help I can provide.

To all of those ends, I present to you: Transformative Kink!

I advise you all to go check it out. 🙂

Seriously – it’s mostly worksafe in terms of pictures, though your office’s servers may record you visiting a domain with the word “kink” in it.

But I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think.

(Also: send me your questions. 🙂

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(Revised from my old blog)

One of the most common questions I get asked when people approach me for a session is “what do you like?” (The question is usually followed by the honorific “Mistress,” which I’ll get to.) This question, I’ve found, can have a number of subtexts, from the most innocent to the most insidious: “I’m new at this and want to hear more about it,” “I want to find out if you do thing x and I’m afraid to ask,” “I want to disarm you,” “I want free phone sex.” The list goes on.

Much of the time, I try to take the question at face value. But I also recognize that it really doesn’t matter what I enjoy if it doesn’t match what the client in question enjoys. Now naturally, it’s important that I enjoy myself; it adds a great deal to the scene if I’m having a good time. (It had better, hadn’t it? At least according to the roles we’re playing here.)

But I can’t pretend that it’s all about me when someone is approaching me in a professional context. You’re paying me for time spent with me; in some way, though we call it “tribute,” this is payment for making your time with me worthwhile. Hell, I don’t even pretend it’s all about me when I’m approaching someone personally to do a scene with them – naturally, I want them to enjoy it! What good is the feeling of my whip flicking across someone’s skin if I don’t get the shudder or moan or scream that tells me you’re loving it? In this sense the Dominant role is deceptive: you may be taking the orders and “doing whatever Mistress desires,” but it doesn’t work for me if it doesn’t work for you.

So: what do I like? I don’t dare sound like some of you subs out there who just say “I like what you like.” Because let’s talk tofu here: we both know that’s bullshit.

I’m not going to go over the activities I enjoy in a more than rudimentary way; I like bondage, flogging, singletails, clamps, CBT and sensory deprivation; I like control, fear, mindfucks, teasing and interrogation. (A (more or less) complete list of the types of play I offer is right here.

But you might read this before you even decide to contact me, if you really want to know what I like. It comes down to a few simple concepts, really: respect, reliability, generosity, a sense of humor. But those things can mean many things to many people. Here’s what they mean to me, in this context.

1. First contact. When a person first contacts me, it is their chance to make a first impression. There are many ways to make this impression; it’s unfortunate that so many of them are so problematic. So many emails that are just one sentence, in all lowercase, with all misspelled words and bad grammar. So many phone calls extended by men’s repeated attempts to get excruciating detail out of me about what a session with me might be like – as if this were a free phone sex call. And the endless “Mistressing” and referring to themselves in the third person – as if we were already playing, as if I had already consented to their attentions.

Here’s a tip: I’m a professional. Approach me as you would any professional. When you email me, introduce yourself, tell me a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for, and be thorough and polite. There’s no need to Mistress me yet; I haven’t told you yet what to call me, for one, and for two, I haven’t agreed to play with you! In some sense, prostrating yourself before me before I have even agreed to speak to you is extremely rude, and it’s off-putting to me every time. Referring to me as “Mistress” does not in and of itself bother me all that much, as long as it’s not accompanied by a bunch of assumptions about what our relationship is. In my favorite emails I get from people, they tell me who they are, what their fantasies are, and politely ask if I’d be interested in enacting such a thing. The openness of this approach is charming and inclines me to like you, and the politeness of it keeps it from being creepy. There’s a difference between saying, “Dear Mistress Delilah, I’ve always wanted to be tied up and left for several hours, then to have the Mistress return and torture me periodically with rubber chickens. This may sound strange, but would you be willing to entertain such a scenario? Thank you”; and saying, “Supreme Goddess of my dreams, this slave throws himself at Your divine feet! Please tie me up and torture me with rubber chickens until I fear I will explode! I am not worthy of even a glance from you, but I hope my small penis will not be a deterrent to your interest!” followed by two more emails of similar content before I’ve even had a chance to respond.

I’m a person. I may aspect the Goddess in sessions; I may act like a Mistress or Superbitch or Divine Presence, I may be performing the function of Dominant Diva in the moment of our meeting and during the time of our playing. But I am, underneath it all, a human being and a professional. Please treat me as such. Before you start putting your role on and throwing yourself at my mercy, let’s have a little chat, okay? Besides: you don’t even know me!

2. Setting up an appointment. I like it when someone has an idea when they’d like to see me when they call. Ideally, we’ve already corresponded by email, and the phone call is just an opportunity to feel each other out a bit and to set up a date and time to meet. I don’t relish being kept on the phone for an hour while you expound upon my qualities, ask about my age and weight, or try to get me to spin a free fantasy for you while you whack off on the other end of the line. I don’t like it when people make appointments casually, then don’t send me a deposit or ever contact me again. I have a life and plans to make. Don’t presume to take up my time, then disappear without so much as an apology. If you can’t make an appointment now, say so and call me when you can. If you make an appointment and can’t keep it, call me or email me, preferably more than 24 hours in advance, and tell me so!

Here’s my ideal contact-to-appointment scenario:

You go to my website and research me a little bit, then email me with a polite, respectful inquiry stating something about your interests. I email you to let you know I received it and that I will call you or that you may call me. We get in touch by phone at an agreed-upon good time. You are friendly, easy-going if a little bit nervous, and don’t try to Mistress me out of existence. Neither are you too groveling or self-deprecating for me to have any interest in meeting you. You simply talk about your fantasies with me for a little bit, agree on an appointment date and time, and mark it in your calendar. When you’re next near a computer, you send me your deposit. I send you directions. You call me at the agreed-upon time, and then get to the space without a problem.

This isn’t so terribly hard, is it?

My time is valuable. Presumably, so is yours. Don’t waste both of ours. I’m not saying I’m not open to talking to you for a little while if you’re feeling nervous; I perfectly understand the emotion and am willing to soothe someone a bit if that’s what it takes for them to feel comfortable coming to me with their fantasies. But repeated phone calls, attempting to get me to see you without payment, and assuming a Mistress/slave relationship where there isn’t one all annoy me.

3. The session. What kinds of sessions do I like? Many kinds: I’ve enjoyed tying someone up and blindfolding them while I deliver different sensations to their bodies and minds; I’ve enjoyed pretending to be somebody’s aunt and delivering a hard spanking; I’ve enjoyed dressing someone up like a woman, putting them in makeup, giving them a sissy name and hypnotizing them to put them deeper into their female role; I’ve had fun kicking someone all over his body, stepping on his throat and threatening him with death. But all of these things (and others) had something in common: I felt a connection with the person I was working with.

How does this manifest itself? Usually, the talk we have beforehand connects us and feels natural. Usually, the person has a sense of humor, and can be made to blush and smile if I make a suggestive comment. Usually, there’s something about them that I find sexy – even unconventionally so. And usually, they are open, receptive, and reactive to the things I do to them. My favorites are the ones who laugh with the endorphins, or because they’re ticklish. Or the ones who moan and cry out and thank me repeatedly as I, for example, strike their cock and balls with a signal whip. And the politeness, on top of all this, continues when a session is good: they are once again not groveling but deferent; not using overblown humility to get something out of me, but exercising manners and protocol within agreed-upon power roles to talk about what will be most fun for both of us.

I expend a lot of energy – physical, mental, spiritual – when I play with someone. If I feel that that energy is falling upon someone who either doesn’t know how to accept it, or has nothing to give in return, I leave the session feeling depleted, objectified, and vaguely annoyed. If I get into a rhythm and feel how much you are enjoying it, if I can feel your true gratitude and joy, if I sense that you feel what you paid and went through to see me was worth your while…then I’ve done my job in a way that thrills me, and everyone is happy.

It’s quite simple, really, but it’s a bit harder to make this part happen. But if the contact and the time in-between the contact and the appointment go well as I described, it’s a good chance that our appointment time will be good as well – because I will have chosen to see you out of a feeling that you would be fun to play with. I love it when I’m right. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s magic, and creates a great moment for me in the midst of a job that can often feel stressful and difficult.

4. The client relationship. Finally, there are certain levels of commitment and levels of play that I prefer over others, and this is potentially the most important part of this very long post.

Many people contact me about wanting to be my “slave.” This ranges from wanting to be able to come to my house and do my dishes to wanting to find a lifelong live-in relationship with a Mistress where the slave sleeps on the floor at the foot of the bed. For the most part, I am not interested in this. I am a woman with a life outside of kink. While kink is an important part of my life, it is not all of my life. I have a home, and people I live with and love, and a privacy I cherish.

The kink world I inhabit professionally is mainly as follows: I have clients who come to me. We talk to each other like human beings. Then, for an hour or more we engage in behavior that plays with power dynamics and the pain/pleasure boundary. We take on roles; we enter altered emotional and psychic spaces. We exercise and sometimes exorcise our demons. Afterwards, we return to our regular lives.

I know and respect that many dominas take slaves into their service on a permanent or semi-permanent basis; that they maintain their roles all the time, that it becomes part of their day-to-day interaction. I’m not entirely sure that I believe this behavior is healthy, but I know that it is done and that it brings great fulfillment to some people.

I’m not one of them.

My goal as a Domme? Bring joy to people. Help people achieve their fantasies. Bring a respectful smile to someone’s face as they spill gratitude to me, specifically me, as a Domme and as a human being. It’s no accident that I’m studying to be a therapist; what I mostly get out of this is a chance to help people, to bring them the loving touch and intensity that they cannot get elsewhere.

It’s probably for this reason that I also have difficulty with humiliation. Light embarrassment is fun; that which would be considered emotional abuse in other contexts I’m not so much into. A dear friend and a submissive once said to me: I like being called a slut, but I don’t like being called stupid. There’s a difference to me between making a submissive blush as I tell him to go with the nice salesgirl and get measured for a bra, and making a submissive cry by calling him a worthless piece of shit.

I also am aware that there are many people who are into this and for them, that’s okay, too. And I’m flexible: sometimes, with the right person, I can do things I wouldn’t do otherwise. But for the most part, it’s not about making you feel like shit; it’s about making you feel safe and protected because you are powerless. It’s about giving you permission to turn off your brain for a while and not make the decisions. To a certain extent, yes, it’s about making you worship me, but only in the sense that I am the one who reads you and gives you exactly what you need, even when you don’t know what it is yourself.

And my goal is to do that for a set and sacred amount of time, to bring you to a sacred space and then – and this is important – to return from it.

The overall gist? I’m human. I’m balanced, and need balancing. I don’t believe I have, or should have, power over you all the time. I open a space for exploring erotic possibility without shame or harm, and I do it professionally and ask you to respect me as such.

And at the same time: to not take me, or yourself, so goddamn seriously.

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Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “I’m kinky, and my needs aren’t being met!” “I love to be tied up, but I’m afraid to tell my boyfriend – what should I do?” “I like having sex with stuffed animals! Does that make me sick?”

I want your questions. I’ve been in this scene for seven years; professional for four. I’m still young, and I have a lot to say. And I promise – I will never, ever laugh at you.

Unless that’s your kink.

Ask me your questions at delilah@dommedelilah.com . I’ll answer them here.

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