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I had this idea that I would go through all of my old emails and find the weirdest and funniest things that people have sent to me over the years…but it turns out that this is a much longer project than I anticipated. So you’ll get that post tomorrow, methinks.

Today you get a meta-post on the topic.

Going through old emails, as a dominatrix, is a funny thing. I keep all of them, you know. They don’t take up a ton of memory, and it helps if some idiot contacts me for the second time and their email address rings a bell. But what surprised me most about going through them thus far is the warm feeling I have from looking at them. When I really look at it, most people really are respectful and sincere, even if most of them can’t spell. 🙂

Picking out the weirdest and funniest is strange, too, because 1. what constitutes “weird” in this context, and 2. how do I decide what’s funny and what’s making fun of someone unfairly? In this particular business, which exists to cater to weirdos (I count myself in that category, believe me), the bar for “weird” is pretty damn high. What I notice is that I don’t draw the line on the axis of acts: I can’t consider anything anyone would sincerely request as weird. So the quotations you’ll see tomorrow will be measured by a different standard. Yet to be decided, perhaps.

In any case, I hope it will be amusing.

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