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A (half) retraction

Turns out I was wrong about the assholery perpetrated over at the This Week In Kink podcast being the fault of the Fetlife producers: apparently Rob, who made the comments in question, is from something called The Oh Team.

My confusion stemmed from this from Male Submission Art:

“the example of Rob in Episode 2 of the This Week In Kink podcast (produced by, surprisingly, the same people who run FetLife.com)”

I can see now that he meant that the podcast was run by the same people who do Fetlife, not the Rob is one of the people who runs Fetlife, but you can see my confusion.

May also notes, however, that “the entire episode was marked by shocking sexism and unimaginable gender insensitivity the likes of which I haven’t been exposed to in some time.” While I have not listened to the whole episode myself, I wonder what John’s comments were in this whole debacle, and may go suffer through it just to find out. One wants to be accurate in one’s outrage, after all.

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