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I recently stumbled across Mollena’s blog, and in particular her four-part interview on race play (listen to the woman and read them in order – it’s worth it).

Race play is a topic that I’ve mostly avoided, both in my life and my work. I’ve had people ask me to play the white mistress to their black slave boy, and I’ve always refused. I respect the desire, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. Mollena lays out her main rule for race play scenes for herself: the bottom has to be the one to ask for it. I wonder if I could do it, for someone I really cared about. It’s a very complex thing to play with, and I’m not sure I’d ever be ready for it.

Years ago I interviewed one of the great old porn producers, Duck Dumont, who founded Redboard with the great Kim Wylde. He talked a lot about Jamie Gillis, who did movies like Humiliated Jew Boy and other seriously edgy stuff. We talked about race play in the interview, the taboo of it, and what the draw to it might be. The magazine I was working for cut all of that material, until I argued its value as journalism, which occasionally won out against chickenshittedness at that publication.

But Mollena’s interview is the first place I’ve really seen it talked about with the passion, depth, care and intelligence the subject really requires.

Please to read and enjoy.

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